Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Week of prayer 11/27 - 12/3

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Good News Club
Volunteers needed, helpers & snacks
Contact Donna White ddsd.white@gmail.com

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Doug Carrithers & Kieth Williams have been fixing the brick flower beds on front of church.

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More than just presents: The Family Christmas Project is about giving hurting and homeless youth hope and a home for Christmas

Many youth do not have the luxury of snuggling up by a warm fire, gathering with friends and family around a Christmas tree, or receiving gifts from loved ones.

When a youth lives outside with no place to call home and no people to call family, they never feel more alone than when the winter storm comes. Winter is like a taunting bully, pounding on the brain, telling them to just give up, telling them that nobody wants them, that all the doors are shut and they have been left outside.

For many of our youth, Thanksgiving and Christmas are two reminders every year that they have fallen through the cracks—they have been lost and forgotten.

We all long for the experience of walking into a room and feeling wanted; it’s the feeling of finally being home. Together we can make this experience possible for hundreds of youth. We call it: Family Christmas Project.

Each year, hundreds of youth come to Christmas parties held by The Coffee Oasis. They come to share dinner, sing Christmas songs, hear the Christmas story, and open gifts. They come for the same reason you would go home: to be with their family at Christmas.

For many of our youth, this is their only Christmas celebration.

This Christmas, would you consider sponsoring youth to receive gifts through the Family Christmas Project?

By sponsoring a youth for gifts, you are showing them they are loved, wanted, and have a place to call home for the holidays.

How Does it Work?
Youth participating in The Coffee Oasis youth programs fill out gift request forms. Then community partners like you “sponsor” youth so their gifts can be purchased. $50 can provide Christmas presents for one youth!

You can give directly to the Coffee Oasis or you can give your money to First Baptist Church designated for “The Family Christmas Project.”